About Me

I am a developer and technical writer who likes to create products that inform and delight users, as well as help them achieve their goals. My coding skills center on front-end web development. I also have eight years of interactive writing experience in a variety of tech industry settings, ranging from technical writing for both client training and product help, to e-learning and game development. Throughout my career, I have always aimed to create engaging experiences that inspire and motivate users. I am looking for an opportunity to grow and learn as I continue to do so.

I have always been fascinated by technology’s ability to delight and inspire. In college and graduate school, my degrees were in English, but I also earned a minor in Computer Science and a specialization in Computers. I have experience as a technical writer, a course developer, and a narrative designer. While I enjoyed all of these roles, now I am looking for a position where I have a more direct impact on shaping the technology itself.

I have been growing front-end web development skills. First, I pursued self-study online, then I enrolled in the Code Fellows Front End Development Accelerator. I’ve polished my skills in JavaScript, jQuery, HTML5 and CSS, and begun to learn about node.js, Sass, and angular.js. I am a quick learner and I’m excited about a chance to continue to expand my knowledge.

I enjoy writing efficient and elegant code, much like good prose or documentation. I love creating user experiences that inspire wonder as well as inform (as I did in game development and e-learning).

I am looking for a team where I can grow, learn, and contribute meaningfully. I excel in collaborative environments, gaining inspiration and support from my teammates’ unique perspectives. I want to be a part of a company with a clear vision, but also room enough for me to work independently.